Dad Day Dinner Table Smug Nunka


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    Hello hello,so it's the second time I try General Tso's Restaurant, on 5227 Godown Road. First time I went I preosimd to myself I'd never go there again, but then had to oblige a friend who has a sentimental connection to the place. And I'm so glad I did! Second time around, it was delicious! I think it was mostly that on my first visit I had ordered the regular Americanized dishes off the menu. Second visit, I tried some of the appetizers, salads, some of their larger pots, and it was to die for. So if you go there, be adventurous, you won't regret it! Hubby and wife run, they're quite the sweet couple. And while you're out there, go next door for good Lebanese produce and groceries;)
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